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Kiddie Fun Parties

I give my 4K (as in 4 kids) birthday parties on their 1st, 5th, and 7th birthdays. And organizing these events are so much fun for me. The most recent one we had was last year, during my youngest daughter, Gia's, 1st birthday. I am really "hands-on" to every details of the party. Though I leave the food to the caterer I hire, I definitely make sure I choose good food to serve. For me the fun part in preparing are the party stuff. Giving these parties doesn't have to cost you a lot. Everyone can make their own party invites, party goodies...you just have to be creative and resourceful to make your parties enjoyable.

Giving party invitations are quite passé nowadays ('cause you can invite your relatives and friends through text message if you can't give them the invites) but I still prepare them to give to relatives and friends within reach for remembrance. Personalized invites are fun to make you can even surf the net for samples.

Food carts are a hit to kids! But make sure you choose the food carts that the kids will surely eat and won't go to waste like cotton candy, ice cream, french fries, and nachos (which adults enjoy too!). My tried and tested for food carts are those from Fun Food they have a variety of food carts that may suit your choices.

Giving my guests (especially the young guests) an enjoyable time at our kids party are top priority. Your hired party host definitely will make or break your party, so make sure you hire someone who will really liven up the party (no adult jokes pls!).

Some more treats for the kids are face painting, chocolate fountain station,or even a kiddie salon wherein girls get to have their hair fixed (and get to keep the lovely cute hairpins!) as for boys they can have their hair styled with gel and decorate their arms with erasable tattoos. You may contact Liezl Marasigan of Arte Tsokolate atbp for these services. Arte Tsokolate atbp, tel no.9316325; artetsokolate@yahoo.com

The traditional Pabitin has always been one of the treats our guests look for in our parties. We have this big pabitin wood especially made for kiddie parties (we had this since my niece's 1st birthday in 1987). I make sure that all the square's edges have something hanging...and these doesn't cost much! I buy the goodies from the palengke (market). My guests really have a blast when the kids ask their Daddies or Mommies to get the toy/goodies they want from the pabitin.

Young guests also look forward to the giving of loot bags. Party giveaways have evolved to various looks such as the ordinary loot plastic bags you can buy from the department store, pouch bags, etc. Some even give aways personalized mugs, bags, t-shirts, but kids (as I can really vouch for this as experienced with my own kids) really look forward to the goodies (i.e. candies, gums, lollipops, stickers) inside their loot bags.

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