15 February 2009

I promise...

I have always been fond of reading books since high school. During summer breaks from school, I always look forward to a 2-month reading spree of reading pocket books or magazines. But then somehow, since I got so busy and caught up with "marriage and motherhood"...my interest somehow faded and completely disappeared.

But now, I have made a promise to continue my passion for reading. My kids often sees me with a book on my hand during my free time (specially when I'm about to sleep)...and I guess this has made a good impression on them! I always tell them, it's good to read books and I can see their interest in reading are also growing...now I can see books borrowed from their school library plus I saw how excited they were when their Dad and I gave them books as a Valentine's Day presents.

Here are some of the books I have read since the start of the year...

And this book is my favorite and have read it twice already... I promise to read (and buy) more books this year. Thanks to my sister, Dette, who has lots of new books and who lets me borrow them. I hope I can keep my promise...will keep my fingers crossed.

10 February 2009

My Flavor of the Month...and months ahead

This is my current "flavor of the month"! From Teriyaki Boy Group, Inc, Sizzlin' Pepper Steak House at The Atrium of Megamall. This is so good and affordable...just P185. Served in a sizzling plate, which is wisely covered with a round carton so the smoke and sizzling sauce would not get all over your shirt. As soon as served, you will be asked by the waiter to turn the beef upside down if you wanted the beef to be well cooked. Do this while also pouring their delicious teriyaki sauce.

Half-way through my meal, eventhough I was really enjoying my food, it was only then that I realized I was eating it the wrong way, I should have mixed the rice, beef, and sauce - it's even good to scrape the sizzling plate so you could get the (not really) burnt sauce. Oooh, this is so yummy! I could finish the whole plate without Abet's help...need I say more?

During our second and third visit, I was browsing through their menu to see if I can look for anything else that would catch my appetite. None- I said to myself I'll stick it out with my current flavor of the month...maybe even months and months ahead. By the way, their bottomless iced tea is only P55...really worth it! I am definitely coming back and back and back...

14 October 2008

My Kikay turns 8

Erin Louise celebrated her 8th birthday last 9 October. I let her choose her own birthday outfit and guess what...after hours of going around Megamall, she (finally!) found her "tweeny" get-up in Bayo. A blouse in her favorite color (pink), and a pants that fits her well. I must say she chose wisely...indeed she can wear this (and I'm sure she will) over and over.

Her birthday cake is her favorite, Carrot cake - which she loves to eat - specially if it was made by her Tita Bles. But we had to order this one...she still loved it anyway.

She got a lot of new stuff as birthday presents - a Hannah Montana hoody, more Kikay clothes, Tamagochi, Twistable Crayons, Barbie Kikay kit, Hello Kitty doll house - most special to her is her first-ever (second-hand) cellphone!

It has been 8 years since she hurriedly got out from me. She was supposed to come out November of 2000 but I guess she was in a hurry to get out and see the world. I just hope my Kikay would not be in a hurry to grow up (yet) and get out of Dad and Mom's care.

I wish you good health and happiness, I know you've been studying hard and have been diligent with school works...for that, I am proud of you. I smile each time I see you take care of your siblings, specially Gia. Whenever I need something to check at home, it's you whom I call because you know where Mom keeps everything in our room. How my heart skips a beat when I hear you and Ate Diane "giggling" over the Jonas Brothers' Band, the Naked Brother's Band, or with Zac Efron...not yet please! I pray for you always, my love and guidance will always be with you. Luv u! Luv u! Luv u!

21 August 2008


I feel sad today…my boss for two years has now officially (and physically) transferred to another department. I admit during our first few months, we didn’t exactly hit it off — she doesn’t like my style, and I was still adjusting. To cut a short story shorter…after a one-on-one talk, we decided to give each other a chance. I guess open communication with each other greatly helps. And voila! A good working rapport ensued.

Where can you find a boss who… asks permission from you if she could “escape” from the office for a few hours… or even tells you she will be on sick leave on a particular day… or treats you to expensive restaurants for lunch (‘coz wala lang…) and most importantly, a boss who appreciates what you do and gives praises at the same time?

I will surely miss her. I’ll miss the endless revisions of reports and memos, the errands (official and sometimes personal), but most of all I’ll miss the friendship we have built for two years.

I should be happy for her and I know she’ll just be around…

12 August 2008

I Still Date my Ex-Boyfriend

Every friday night is a date night with my Ex-Boyfriend...Abet, my husband of course!..he's my Ex-bf right? Fridays are our night out twogether - just the two of us. We either watch a movie, shop (or window-shop), but definitely have dinner somewhere. It doesn't have to be somewhere expensive or classy (we reserve those kind of restos for special occasions) but some place where we could fill up and satisfy our cravings. Of course aside from these, we talk - about anything and everything.

You may find me corny, but I (still) love being with him...even after 11 years of marriage. When I'm with him, I feel secure and happy.

I always look forward to our once-a-week-date-night. It's our recreation time after a week's work minus the kids - but that's a different story - saturdays and sundays are date-days with them.

I still date my Ex-Boyfriend, I really do! ...and I'll do it for the rest of my life.

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